Monday, December 17, 2012

Tool 7

I am planning a collaborative math project with Mrs. Contreras's class! 

Here are the details!

1. Content Objective- Collect and organize information on a bar graph, interpret information on a bar graph, and use addition and subtraction to interpret information on a bar graph.

2. We will implement this project next fall when we teach bar graphs.

3. We will use the following programs for our project: Poll Everywhere, Google Docs and Open Office Math. 

4. After learning about gathering data and displaying it on a bar graph, the students will come up with topic and conduct a survey with at least 5 other classes at the school. The topic could be anything from favorite sports team to favorite flavor of ice cream. The students will poll other classes using Poll Everywhere. They will create a bar graph in Open Office Math and share it with students in Mrs. Contreras's class using Google Docs. They will come up with test questions that involve interpreting their bar graph using addition, subtraction multiplication and division. They will share the bar graph and test questions with a student in Mrs. Contreras's class and the student in Mrs. Contreras's class will share theirs with a student in my class. 

5. We will network with other classes in just our school using Poll Everywhere and Google Docs. 

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