Friday, December 21, 2012

Digital Citizenship

Three things I think my kids really need to know about as digital citizens are cyber-bullying, plagiarism and appropriate websites. Cyber-bullying is a big problem and I don't want any of my students to be a victim of it. It is important to teach my students what cyber-bullying is and how to recognize it. Another big problem is plagiarism. It's crazy how many kids don't what this is! I plan to teach a lesson on it, so they know exactly what it is and how they can avoid it. Another problem is inappropriate websites. We think that everything is restricted already, but you never know what they still may find. Talking to them about what to do if they find anything inappropriate is so important. They need to know that they can come to us if they see anything bad and not be afraid to get in trouble. 

I think I would need to teach a lesson on digital citizenship over a few days, focusing on the three major areas of concern that I discussed above. I would take them to the computer lab, as well as work on the technology that is available in the room. First, I would teach about the importance of being safe with the technology. For example, keeping the Ipad on a flat surface and remain seated. Wipe off your fingerprints and always work with clean hands. Then I would talk about being responsible when on technology. This is where I would get into cyper-bullying, plagiarism and appropriate apps and websites. Lastly, I would talk about being respectful. By this I mean, monitor to your time limit and always tell the teacher is you have a problem.

To keep parents informed I would send home a letter which basically sums up the lesson on digital citizenship. I will also send home a copy of the digital citizenship form that the students will sign after we have completed the lesson so they know the expectations. 

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