Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tool 5

Tool 5- Producing with Web 2.0 Tools 

This was a super fun lesson and I loved playing with the different web based tools we can incorporate into the classroom. I played around with Xtranormal and Animoto and here is what I created! 

Here is the Xtranormal video I made for my class to introduce a science investigation on soils and plants. 

Xtranormal Video 

Here is the Animoto video my class made when we acted out The Thanksgiving Nightmare. The students that were not acting, were taking pictures with the Ipads and then I showed them how to create an Animoto video. I used this as an introduction to using Animoto and am hoping they will really utilize this tool in various lessons!


ENJOY! :) 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tool 4

Tool 4- Moving Up to the Clouds

I loved learning about the google apps! I've worked a lot with google docs this year and it has been very helpful in the classroom. I use google docs more with my students, than I do with my team. I actually brought my class down to the library for a couple of different lessons to get my students started on google docs and it has been a great success in the classroom! It has been such a fabulous way to incorporate technology into a lesson. The first lesson I did with google docs was in Science. We were learning about the water cycle and they had to write a story from the perspective of a droplet of water and their journey through the three main stages of the water cycle. We spent a lot of time in the computer lab typing up their stories and then they shared their document with me through google docs. It was so much easier than having everyone print their paper individually! Now I have students share assignments they typed up at home with me all the time and it's great because I can instantly view the document and give them immediate feedback. I look forward to further exploring the different google apps to see how I can implement them in my classroom!