Friday, December 21, 2012

Incorporating Tools for Learning

Kids these days are so surrounded by technology that we have to tie it into our lessons in order to make them relevant. Technology is our future and we have to expose it to our students now so they can be successful later on in life.

We have to hold our students accountable for their work with technology so that we can see if they are actually grasping the concepts. For example, if they are going to play a math game on one of the computers, I tell them that they have to submit a Show Me to me afterwards showing that they can work out a problem that relates to what game they were playing. 

Two websites that I LOVE are Texas Treasures and Spelling City. Spelling City allows the students to print a certificate showing me what they accomplished. 

The apps that I like are Starfall and the Show Me app. I use Starfall for my struggling readers and the Show Me app in my Math Stations. Show Me is great for working out math problems. I make my students work out five math problems on the Show Me app before they can play a math game. It holds them accountable and they love showing me what they can do!

I use the Ipads for research, for filming videos and taking pictures. For example, before we began learning about landforms in science, I had them research the different landforms on the Ipads and make a poster and then present it to the class. I honestly do not know what we would do without these wonderful pieces of technology!

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